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View technical webinars from the oilfield sector.

Revolutionising subsea systems and technologies

ON DEMAND - In this webinar, Baker Hughes outlines the benefits of its cutting edge Aptara subsea tree system solution, and detail the collaborative approach that the company has taken with Emerson and its flow metering technologies.

Doing more with less: Is there enough upstream investment?

ON DEMAND - In this webinar on 28 September 2023, Wood Mackenzie will review the apparent ‘shortfall’ in investment that has fed a widespread belief that a supply crunch is inevitable sooner or later. Is this perception or reality?

How to Reduce Leaks and Associated Costs in Upstream Applications

ON DEMAND- In this webinar, Swagelok will discuss some of the common problems experienced in offshore medium-pressure fluid systems, the differences between the fittings technologies used in these applications, and what factors affect the total lifecycle cost of fittings. Strategies for countering vibration, corrosion, and other threats to fittings, will also be considered.

Understanding Gas Grab Sampling Systems

ON DEMAND - In this webinar, Swagelok will explain how to decide between grab sampling and online analyser systems, requirements for designing a high-performing gas grab sampling system, and tips to find a grab sampling system that meets customers’ specific needs.

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