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Understanding Gas Grab Sampling Systems

ON DEMAND - In this webinar, Swagelok will explain how to decide between grab sampling and online analyser systems, requirements for designing a high-performing gas grab sampling system, and tips to find a grab sampling system that meets customers’ specific needs.

As more industries start to bring more analytical equipment online, it is increasingly important to have high-quality sampling systems in place to accurately capture process conditions for later analysis.

Sampling reliability is necessary to optimise costs and ensure the quality of process outputs, but finding the right system requires careful analysis of a variety of factors, including sample pressure, temperature, phase, compatibility, and chemical composition. Swagelok advisors routinely help customers work through the complex considerations necessary to choose a grab sampling system that will perform reliably in their specific applications, and the company’s experts have tapped into their chemical processing and sampling experience to design safe, easy-to-use, and locally configurable grab sampling solutions.


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