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Discovery made at Tolmount East

The well in the UK Southern Gas Basin was targeting 220 billion ft3 of P50 gross resource, in an undrilled area 4 km east of the 500 billion ft3 Tolmount gas field.

New gas discovery made in Otway Basin

A gross gas column of 44.5 m, with an estimated net pay thickness of 25 m, has been identified in the Dombey-1DW1 exploration well with an interpreted gas-water contact in the reservoir.

PGNiG makes oil and gas discovery in Norwegian Sea

Based on preliminary estimation, the recoverable resources of the Shrek discovery are in the range of between 19 and 38 million boe, as confirmed by the Norwegian Oil Directorate (NPD).


More Exploration news

Senegal to delay oil licensing round

Senegal’s ambitions to become a major oil and gas producer have been overshadowed by allegations President Macky Sall’s brother was involved in fraud related to two offshore gas blocks being developed by BP.