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Hydraulic fracturing

An explanation of oil and gas shale production

This article from Dave Bucior, Business Development Manager for Tracerco's Reservoir Business, examines how useful reservoir surveillance technology has become for pinpointing the appropriate location for a well to be drilled.

Hexion announces first mobile Permian Basin resin coating plant

Hexion is the first company to develop mobile resin coating technology, offering efficient manufacturing of resin coated proppants on any substrate. Manufacturing can occur in any location that offers optimum logistics to the wellsite, even internationally.


More Hydraulic fracturing news

US leads the top ten countries by crude reserves, says GlobalData

Unconventional oil reserves across the top ten countries stand at 9.2% (45.8 billion barrels), oil sands reserves stand at 6.7% (33.3 billion barrels), and heavy oil represents 4.5% (22.2 billion barrels) of all remaining reserves.

Angus Energy: Lidsey-X2 operational update

Angus Energy plc. has announced that the BDF drilling rig 28 has arrived on location at the Lidsey Oil Field and is in the process of rigging up prior to rig acceptance. Ancillary equipment and casing is already on site and equipment inspections continue.