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Serious work-related incident at Heimdal

Two Equinor employees were injured in a serious work-related incident on board the Heimdal platform in the North Sea on 28 November.


The reality of snakebites – time is tissue

With at least 600 000 people worldwide killed or permanently disabled each year, snakebites are the biggest public health crisis that no one has heard of. For projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, the oil and gas industry needs to consider the risks of workers being bitten and its corporate social responsibility to support local communities with this silent killer. Remote Medical International, working alongside the Asclepius Snakebite Foundation, have developed proven management and response strategies specific to the threat of snakebites.

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Oilfield service companies are going beyond oil

Heavyweight oilfield service providers like Saipem and Baker Hughes are diversifying beyond oil and gas development projects and are moving increasingly into renewable energy projects.