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Product news

Materion introduces new oilfield coupling

Materion Corporation, an advanced materials solutions provider, recently introduced a new oilfield coupling that is designed to significantly reduce failures in wells that are prone to extreme rod string buckling and wear deep in wells.

Trelleborg launches a custom-engineered elastomer-to-metal wellhead sealing solution

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has announced the launch of a new metal end cap seal specifically engineered for High Temperature High Pressure (HTHP) wellhead, tubing and casing hanger sealing environments, which combines the pressure and extrusion resistance of a metal-to-metal bonded component with the flexibility of an elastomer.


GustoMSC introduces Chela

Due to its crablike motion characteristics, Chela can reach below the cantilever as well as elevate towards the main deck, providing crane access to an area traditionally blocked by the cantilever when drilling.

More Product news news

AISUS wins first contract in the Middle East

The six-figure agreement marks a significant milestone for the firm and provides the foundation on which the company plans to build its growing business in the Middle East.

NETZSCH highlights NOTOS™ multiple screw pumps

NETZSCH’s Multiple Screw Pumps are designed to handle difficult media, including low to high lubricant fluids, and low to high viscosity, shear sensitive, or chemically aggressive media.