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Product news


Gardner Denver launches new fluid end

The VX Hydraulic Fracturing Pump Fluid End has been designed for use with GD-2500Q hydraulic fracturing pumps and comparable 8 in. stroke quintuplex power ends from other manufacturers.


IDS announces rebrand

The new brand will run across all aspects of IDS' business.


EM&I installs diverless anti-corrosion system on FPSO

The HullGuard system involves installing a tubular ‘periscope type’ anode with an integral dielectric shield, through an ODIN® type class approved access port fitted to the inside of the ship’s hull.


Framo launches tailor-made oil skimmer

The Framo TransRec system is designed to handle any oil spill, whether it occurs in the process of oil production or as the result of a vessel-related incident.