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How to Reduce Leaks and Associated Costs in Upstream Applications

ON DEMAND- In this webinar, Swagelok will discuss some of the common problems experienced in offshore medium-pressure fluid systems, the differences between the fittings technologies used in these applications, and what factors affect the total lifecycle cost of fittings. Strategies for countering vibration, corrosion, and other threats to fittings, will also be considered.

Operating medium-pressure fluid systems in offshore applications comes with a range of challenges, from minimising corrosion in alloy-based systems to reducing component maintenance and replacement when manpower and inventory is limited. Leaks that occur in connection points in chemical injection units, HPUs, TuTus, and other support equipment can lead to unaffordable downtime, so it is important to know how to find the right fittings technology for these demanding applications.

Join Swagelok to find out what the company has learnt through decades of working with the oil and gas market, and how you can apply these insights to help you deal with extraordinary demands on your business.


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