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SKF launches new condition monitoring sensor

Oilfield Technology,

SKF has launched the SKF Wireless Machine Condition Sensor, which uses the WirelessHart communication protocol and provides dynamic vibration and temperature data for condition monitoring and machinery diagnostic applications. The product has ATEX Zone 0 certification, which means that it can also be used in hazardous environments, for example those found in petrochemical, oil and gas, or pharmaceutical plants. The SKF Wireless Machine Condition Sensor combines both sensor and router node into one compact and battery operated unit the size of a typical industrial accelerometer.

SKF Wireless Machine Condition Sensors communicate with each other, and with a wireless gateway, creating a mesh network. This type of network and communication protocol is ideal for monitoring rotating machinery throughout large plants, in hard to reach locations, or in areas where traditional WiFi communication will not work.


Jan Hendrik van der Linden, Product Line Manager, SKF, said, ‘the new SKF Wireless Machine Condition Sensor offers monitoring capabilities that may be impossible with wired systems or hand held devices. This can ultimately lead to reduced condition monitoring costs as well as to a safer approach to machine monitoring.’

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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