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August 2022

The August issue of World Pipelines includes a keynote feature on safety, in which API discusses safety management standards for pipeline operators. The issue also features: thought pieces on energy transition and how pipelines fit in; technical articles on best practice for pipeline construction; and in-depth coverage of ILI tools, subsea repair and risk management methods.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Winn & Coales International.

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Raising safety management standards
Alexa Burr, Vice President of Segment Standards & Programs, American Petroleum Institute (API), USA, outlines how API standards and programmes foster safety and sustainability in pipeline operations.

A cleaner energy transition
Paul Dickerson, Global Products Lead, Pipeline Management Software, Emerson, USA.

Cleaner energy in the pipeline?
Nigel Curson, Vice President Technical Excellence, Penspen, UK.

Tricks of the trade
Aaron Moore, CWI, Product Manager, Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, USA.

Protecting your workforce
Natalie Henley, Remote Medical International (RMI), Americas.

The smartisation of pipe welding
Mahyar Asadi, VP Innovations, Novarc Technologies, Canada.

Delivering high productivity
Francesco Ciccomascolo, Full Welding Solutions Manager, voestalpine Böhler Welding, Austria.

The application of ethical hacking
Inti De Ceukelaire, Head of Hackers, Intigriti, Belgium.

Exploring augmented reality
Francesca Gregory, GlobalData, UK.

Cultivating safety culture
Bonney Hodges, Energy Operations Director, ISN, USA.

End-to-end AI-powered solutions: the future of pipeline integrity
Jason Chadee, SparkCognition, USA.

Autonomous shipping: regulations, operations and technology
Gareth Burton, VP Technology, ABS, USA.

Roundtripping the unpiggables
Corey Richards, Christopher Holliday (Canada) and Simon Irvine (UK), ROSEN.

Inspection tools: a case study
Maik Bäcker, EWE Netz GmbH, Hendrik Friemann and Basil Hostage, 3P Services GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.

Sweat the small stuff
Ken Maxfield (USA) and Mark Briell (Canada), KMAX Inspection LLC.

A journey into pipeline monitoring
Austin Harbison, Smart Technology Manager, CRP Subsea, UK.

Routes to recycling
Dr Francis Norman, CODA, Australia.

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