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September 2020

The September/October issue begins by looking at the recovery of the North American upstream industry before going on to cover a range of technical features. These include Completions, Software and Automation, MWD/LWD among others, as well as our Downhole Tools Review.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Rubicon Oilfield International.

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World news

Down for the count?
Oilfield Technology correspondent, Gordon Cope, reports that North American oil and gas has taken a dreadful thrashing, but there are signs that it is already starting to shrug off the worst.

On the turn
Benoit Deschamps and Nicolas Sluys, Rubicon Oilfield International, explore a new rotational function of the drill string that combines technology developments with a well life cycle solutions approach.

Encapsulating the problem
Dr Ellie Mavredaki and Sam Toscano, SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions, investigate the advances in encapsulated treatment technologies that mitigate scale formation.

Disrupting traditional tracing trajectories
Dr Sudiptya Banerjee, Tracerco, analyses the development of microencapsulated polymer tracer rods.

A sweet solution
Tom Swanson, Solugen, USA, discusses a novel oxidant and sugar derivative, designed to improve saltwater injection challenges.

Development down under
Hans Sturm, Curtiss-Wright EST Group, USA, presents a novel isolation approach designed to bring speed, safety, and security to pipeline valve replacement.

The value of a trusted device
Brent McAdams, OleumTech Corp., USA, explains how well-chosen automatic tank gauging technology can increase the oilfield’s overall production.

Flattening the forgetting curve
Eugene Sweeney, Well Control School, USA, investigates the educational methods being used to instil retention-driven well control skills in the workforce.

The sound of safety
Yasuyuki Kawasumi, Yokogawa Electrical Corp., Japan, explains why continuous monitoring of noise levels in upstream facilities is a critical step towards improving hearing conservation.

Downhole tool review
Oilfield Technology presents an overview of some of the recent developments in downhole tool technologies and services that are available to the upstream oil and gas industry.

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