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September 2016

To fit with its bonus distribution at SPE ATCE in Dubai, the September issue of Oilfield Technology takes a look at the state of the upstream industry on the Arabian Peninsula. The rest of the issue is packed full of technical articles on: Drilling Tools, Reservoir Geoscience, Extended Reach Drilling, Completions & Cementing, Hydraulic Fracturing, Water Treatment/Management, Coiled Tubing, Transport & Logistics, Recruitment, and more.

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World news

Investing in innovation
George Sarraf, Anil Pandey and Dr. Yahya Anouti, Strategy&, explain how Middle East NOCs can become innovators.

Turn and face the strain
Adam Baig, Lindsay Smith-Boughner, and Mike Preiksaitis, ESG Solutions, describe how to characterise the stress and strain state in unconventional reservoirs with microseismicity.

The benefits of bypass tools
Mike Churchill, Churchill Drilling Tools, UK, examines a new multi-cycle circulating sub designed to deliver faster and more reliable bypass than traditional ball activated tools.

Drilling in the digital age
Doug Greening and Ryan Graham, TESCO Corporation, review a new suite of software designed to significantly enhance the efficiency of drilling programmes.

Combatting ECD challenges
Sanzhar Zharkeshov, Merlin ERD Limited, UK, explains the need for ECD management in extended reach wells.

Operating with acoustics
Andy Hawthorn, XACT Downhole Telemetry Inc, USA, explains how acoustic telemetry can provide real time downhole data – increasing efficiency and reducing risk in completion and cementing operations.

Dealing with deepwater
Cliff Berry, Centek Group, UK, outlines the benefits of casing centralisation in deepwater wells.

A helping hand for hydraulic fracturing
Duncan Harper, Tendeka, explains how new hydraulic fracturing systems can help operators keep ahead of low oil prices.

Predicting silicate scaling challenges
Dr. Anton Kaiser and Dr. Jonathan Wylde, Clariant Oil Services, suggest ways in which to minimise the impact of scale deposition in EOR operations.

Deploying DTS downhole
Scott Sherman, Trican Well Service, Canada, examines the use of distributed temperature sensing (DTS) in downhole applications.

Coordinating communications technology
Tore Morten Olsen, Marlink, and Terje Gjerde, Simon Møkster Shipping, discuss evolving flexibility in maritime communications.

Recruitment challenges in MENA
Jon France, Petroplan, UK, explains how recruitment activity is adapting in order to select the most talented individuals for the oil and gas industry.

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