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New jobs website for global oil and gas industry

Oilfield Technology,

As statistics reveal that the global oil and gas market is predicted to be worth US$ 3700 billion by the end of 2015, growing at a compound annual rate of 7%, [Datasource: MarketLine] the skills shortage crisis has gone into meltdown. In tandem with a recent survey suggesting that oil vacancies are proving difficult for jobseekers to find, has launched its new online jobs platform.

Lack of workers and confusion surrounding vacancies

A recent survey conducted by reveals that 83% of oil and gas candidates admit to struggling to find the latest relevant jobs in the industry. The global critical shortage of skilled workers is being compounded by the fact that workers can’t even seek out the jobs employers are trying desperately to fill. The company is aiming to quickly and easily resolve this issue, by putting all oil and gas jobs in one place, instantly connecting the talent to the relevant opportunities.

The solution to this problem is one website, which will conveniently list every worldwide oil and gas sector job in one place. When workers have to scour the internet searching for relevant jobs, opportunities are easily missed and both the candidate and the employer loses out. presents one advanced search tool, listing all significant jobs to candidates to ensure the right people are assigned to each vacancy.

Managing Director, Eric Potts says, “There are so many jobs in the oil and gas industry, but sometimes qualified candidates simply aren’t looking in the right places. Skilled workers are often missing out on relevant jobs and employers end up giving jobs to less qualified workers; it’s a vicious cycle. It’s an exciting, dynamic industry that is growing all of the time and the call for fresh and capable workers is ever apparent. People searching for job security and exciting opportunities are flocking to the industries and the industries themselves are in critical need of workers. We created to address this issue, with the aim of listing vacancies from everyone and everywhere.”

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

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