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Tercel launches MicroCORE™ cutting system

Oilfield Technology,

Tercel Oilfield Products has announced the release of the Patented MicroCORE™ Cutting System, its newest PDC Drill Bit innovation.

The MicroCORE cutting system is a revolutionary PDC drill bit design that redistributes high energy consumption from the centre of the drill bit to the more efficient areas of the cutting structure and was developed in collaboration with Total.

Replacing the inefficient compression failure mechanism in the centre of a traditional cutting structure, the MicroCORE system delivers more energy to the cutters, higher ROPs (Rate of Penetration) and better quality wellbores to Tercel customers. The launch took place at SPE ATCE 2014 in Amsterdam.

“The MicroCORE cutting system allows our clients to drill at much higher ROPs, maintain a higher quality wellbore and recover core fragments from the well that are undisturbed by the shearing action of the cutters, providing excellent samples for core analysis on site or in the lab. We are proud to have developed this game changing technology in collaboration with Total,” said Hossam Elbadawy, Tercel’s CEO.

An extensive global field test campaign has shown the MicroCORE cutting system consistently setting new benchmarks in ROP and Distance Drilled. The MicroCORE cutting system has delivered 778 ft per hour in South Texas, 103 ft per hour for 98 hours and drilled over 10,159 ft in a single run in Wyoming as well as returning in consistently better dull condition than traditional PDC drill bit cutting structures.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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