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Drilling & production - 30 September 2009

South America's LNG market developments

Many experts predict that South America will become a net exporter of LNG in the future, however many challenges remain to the industry's development.


Australia and India: LNG partnership

Exxon Mobil's Australian division and India's Petronet have signed a 20 year LNG supply contract, signaling a step towards approval for the Western Australian Gorgon project on Barrow Island.


Indian oil and gas market

India has ambitions to become the hub for petroleum products exports. The export potential coupled with the additional capacity additions and new refineries provide a unique opportunity for potential investors.


A step closer to the digital oilfield

When discussing the digital oilfield, one thing the majority of commentators agree on is that it involves operators having maximum awareness and control over their assets. Many also agree that the technology and connectivity across the oilfield is now there and that the key question facing operators is how best to utilise and integrate these technologies.


Gas pipeline is top priority for Palin successor Parnell

Following the resignation of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, her successor Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell has announced that the North Slope pipeline will be his top priority. Parnell is expected to pursue many of Palin’s basic policy initiatives, including an Alaska natural gas pipeline.


Carbon reduction plans suffer setbacks

Australia's carbon trading plan has been rejected in the same week that the UN strives to make its climate proposals more manageable.


Unconventional resources - current options

Contrary to popular belief, the world is not running out of oil and gas; plenty still remains in the Middle East, Russia and Venezuela. The world is running out of cheap sources located in politically stable countries with open fiscal and regulatory regimes.


South American gas market

South America has an impressive total of gas reserves and is increasing its production, however, the region is continually facing problems despite its desire to expand and develop.


New Brazilian gas law

In March 2009, Brazil adopted the much-awaited Gas Law; regulating the transportation of natural gas. The Gas Law establishes a 30 year concession regime, bringing enhanced security for private companies to enter the market for transportation and storage of natural gas.


R&D in pipeline coating

Pipeline integrity: lessons learnt from across the globe can prevent unnecessary failures and lead to improved long-term pipeline durability.


Pipelines and control lines market update

With the long-term prospect of increasing global energy demand, securing future energy supplies has become a common global issue. For those countries with dwindling production rates or low hydrocarbon reserves, the pressure for energy security is set to increase.


Coal and Copenhagen

December sees the UN climate talks in Copenhagen. Tasked with developing a new climate agreement to replace Kyoto post-2012, government negotiators, NGOs, industry, media, and other interested parties will convene to try to work out how the world can meet the challenge of climate change. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) from coal mining activity should be an important part of the discussions.


Wind energy thriving in US, but more help needed

With a commitment from US policymakers to domestic renewable energy, the US wind energy industry will continue to grow and provide manufacturing jobs at home, and investment opportunities to the global financial community.


Joint ventures in unconventional natural gas

Joint ventures focused on unconventional natural gas opportunities and related capability transfer will require effective governance to be successful.


Offshore hurricane insurance sees poor take up rate in 2009

The article looks at the prospects for the continuing availability of hurricane insurance in the offshore energy markets, discusses some of the problems with the products offered, reports on efforts to improve these products and the effect that low product take up is having on the energy insurance market. Windstorm premium makes up 15 to 20% of the offshore energy insurance portfolio.


British energy focus

British companies can be found in all aspects of the energy industry all over the world. A track record of more than 40 years of expertise in exploring and developing oil and gas as well as nuclear energy has created a wealth of experience that is now being used globally.


Ensuring a workforce for tomorrow’s oil and gas industry

OPITO – The Oil and Gas Academy, is focusing on attracting skills and talent to the oil and gas industry, through its ‘Energise Your Future’ event, which took place at this year’s Offshore Europe in Aberdeen.


Brazil’s Petrobras: new light oil find; prospects for production, pipelines

Petrobras has announced a new light oil find in the Campos Basin. This article looks at the new oil find; Petrobras’ International Business Plan; relations between Brazil and China; foreign participation in the Brazilian market and prospects for the Brazilian pipeline sector over the next few years.


Nuclear fusion: a future energy solution?

There is no one solution to the global energy crisis, but fusion scientists think that they can make an important contribution. Fusion, if successfully developed, will be both clean and green, producing large quantities of energy from non carbon emitting sources and without the burden of long-term radioactive waste.


Influence of power lines on pipeline networks

Increased difficulties in obtaining utility right-of-way and the concept of utility corridors have brought pipelines into close proximity with electric power transmission/distribution systems. Metallic objects subjected to the alternating electromagnetic field will exhibit an induced voltage. Also, power conductor faults to ground can cause substantial fault currents in the underground structure.