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OriginOil technology selected by E3 for water reclamation projects

Oilfield Technology,

OriginOil, developer of Electro Water Separation™ (EWS), announced that E3 Services and Solutions, LLC (E3), has agreed to license EWS for integration in systems designed to reclaim water from hydraulic fracturing and industrial operations.

E3 intends to develop and further commercialise key OriginOil technologies for oil and gas water reclamation, aquaculture and feed stock production. E3 also plans to partner with OriginOil on research and development projects to further refine the company’s suite of technologies in the field.

Drilling markets

CEO of E3, Mark Skoda, commented: “E3 is unique in that we are bringing together a number of technologies focused on the water matrix. Essential to this strategy is finding best-in-breed technologies, acquiring them and deploying services around those same technologies on a global basis.

“Our initial markets include oil and gas drilling, mining, agriculture and aquaculture. We believe our business development process combined with our strong domain expertise allows E3 to rapidly launch these services together with our partners, such as OriginOil, quickly with world class technology. With our deep relationships in the oil services sector and our current business development efforts with a Fortune 50 oil producer, we believe we are well positioned to rapidly get these technologies into the market.”

Dynamic technology

OriginOil CEO, Riggs Eckelberry, added: “E3 is a dynamic technology integrator and with a shared vision to advance innovative solutions commercially. We plan to partner with their team in every step of the process to roll out products and services in the frack and industrial water reclamation spaces, as well as in our clean tech business. We welcome them to the growing OriginOil team!”

Electro Water Separation

OriginOil’s Electro Water Separation (EWS) extracts organic contaminants from large quantities of water for the oil and gas, industrial and agricultural sectors. The technology can be paired with downstream ‘polishing’ technologies to deliver water at a range of purity levels specified by customers.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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