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ExxonMobil awards ISAPT sand screen license to Schlumberger

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ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company has awarded Schlumberger an international license for ExxonMobil’s patented Internal Shunt Alternate Path (ISAPTTM) sand screens to improve gravel packing of cased and openhole completion wells.

ISAPT screens dramatically increase the reliability of wells completed in sand-prone reservoirs. The technology provides internal alternate flow paths, called shunt tubes, in the downhole tool to effectively gravel pack the producing sections of a well. The shunt tubes enable the ISAPT gravel packing operation to proceed even if sand prematurely blocks the well annulus, which would force a conventional packing operation to shut down. ISAPT shunt tubes divert gravel slurry around sand blockages to fill voids in the annulus until a complete pack is in place. The unique design of the ISAPT screen technology allows gravel packing lengths exceeding 5000 ft.

“ISAPT is one of several sand control completion technologies developed by ExxonMobil to improve reliability in high-cost production wells,” said Sara Ortwein, president of ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. “ISAPT provides reliable sand control that maximises production time and well economics.”

“Schlumberger’s collaboration with ExxonMobil on Alternate PathTM technology continues to push the boundaries for gravel-pack design,” said Bryan Stamm, vice president, Sand Management Services, Schlumberger. “The ISAPT technology is a field-proven openhole gravel-pack technique that compliments and further improves the efficiency and effectiveness of our sand control portfolio.”

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

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