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Gulf Energy completes CLEAN-FRAC 5000 system order

Oilfield Technology,

OriginOil Inc., developer of Electro Water Separation™ (EWS), a high-speed, chemical-free process to clean up large quantities of water, has announced that Gulf Energy, an oil service company with major customers across the Arabian Peninsula, has purchased a US$ 1.4 million CLEAN-FRAC™ 5000 system, designed to process 5000 bpd, for the company’s growing oil services business. Regional operators are turning to advanced reuse and treatment technologies to reduce fresh water demand and comply with strict regional water and environmental regulations.

Treating frac flowback in the MENA region

“Here at Gulf Energy, we are committed to the hydraulic fracture market in the MENA region, which by definition includes the treatment of frac flowback and produced water for recycling. The test results from OriginOil’s CLEAN-FRAC system demonstrations in Colorado and Texas were so impressive, we decided to move forward with a commercial scale five thousand barrel per day system,” stated Yasser Al Barami, Chief Commercial Officer of Gulf Energy SAOC. “We intend to build future units ourselves based on the design of this first unit, but we decided it was prudent to purchase a complete first system which we will mount on a mobile platform.”

OriginOil’s CLEAN-FRAC is a complete solution that can be designed for enhanced oil recovery, hydraulic fracturing operations, irrigation water, and even potable water. It begins with OriginOil’s core EWS technology to remove oil, solids and bacteria, and adds downstream processes to achieve the desired result.

Oman’s oil and gas future

According to the US Energy Information Agency, Oman is not only a major oil producer, but one of the largest producers of natural gas in the Middle East.

Gulf Energy reports that it currently works with almost all of the major operators in Oman including Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO), Occidental Petroleum Company (OXY), PTT Exploration and Production Plc (PTTEP), MEDCO, Petrogas E&P and Daleel Petroleum.

All of these operators face a growing shortage of fresh water, and must also comply with Oman’s progressive environmental regulations, which mandate the removal of suspended particulates, oils and greases in liquid effluents before disposal.

First commercial-scale system

“We are very excited to build our first complete, commercial-scale system for such a forward-thinking and fast-acting customer,” said Bill Charneski, President of OriginOil Oil & Gas. “We anticipate that operators and service companies in the United States, Asia and elsewhere, will move quickly to replicate Gulf Energy’s first rollout of CLEAN-FRAC in the Middle East.”

Gulf Energy initially intended to begin by purchasing a 1500 bpd unit from OriginOil, but decided to bypass the demonstration stage and progress to commercial scale water treatment.

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

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