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Tenaris technology drilling debut in Alaska

Oilfield Technology,

A European oil and gas company successfully drilled the first complete Dopeless® technology well in Alaska in March 2014.

The operation took place at Alaska’s North Slope, located on the northern part of the Brooks Range on the coast of the Arctic Ocean. Due to the extreme environment where the running took place, the customer chose Dopeless technology since it arrives rig ready, making operations more efficient while minimising environmental impact.

Tenaris technology

The customer selected TenarisHydril Wedge 521™ and Wedge 563™ premium connections with Dopeless technology on an L80 steel grade. The Dopeless solution makes compounds used for running and storage obsolete, enhancing the performance of the premium connection. In cold weather environments this also means avoiding frozen storage grease complicating the running.

Using Dopeless technology, this particular customer saved an estimated 6.1 hours of rig time and 84 man hours. There were zero rejects and zero re-makeups after running 750 joints with Dopeless technology.

Environmental impact

According to Fernando Sanchez Moreno, North and Western US Sales Director, this successful running bodes well for the future of Dopeless technology in the region. “Dopeless technology is a perfect fit for an environmentally sensitive region like Alaska. The customer perceived aggregated value in our proposal, which is clearly aligned with the strategy to establish a differentiated position in the region," Moreno explained.

“Dopeless technology has given many of our customers, in areas with strict environmental regulations, an eco-friendly drilling operation,” added Tomás Castiñeiras, Tenaris’s Dopeless Technology Development Director.

HSE benefits

In addition to HSE and run time benefits, the customer said the increased visibility of the pipe threads due to the application of the Dopeless coating was a significant advantage during make-and-breaks.

“A successful running of the first Dopeless well for a customer in Alaska shows the commitment Tenaris has to innovative solutions even in the most challenging and sensitive environments,” said Jereis Khawaja, Tenaris Sales Coordinator.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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