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International Gas Union presents its vision for COP21

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At the World Gas Conference, David Carroll, the incoming President of the International Gas Union (IGU), shared the IGU’s belief that if world leaders are serious about their stated aim of managing global emissions and if they want to ensure affordable energy for a growing global population, then they need to enable the greater use of natural gas in the global energy mix.

David Carroll, Incoming President IGU commented:

“Enhanced usage of natural gas is the single most effective way for the world to responsibly reduce emissions. Natural gas provides a proven solution that works in almost any application for all energy uses, is affordable and plentiful around the world.

“Of course COP21 is about carbon reduction, but enhanced gas usage will deliver reductions and materially address the very immediate health issue of air quality by virtually eliminating NOX and SOX pollutants and particulates that contribute to respiratory diseases such as asthma.

We look forward to developing our position through the year and presenting our findings at what we hope will be a very successful COP 21 session. Our aim is to persuade the world to embrace enhanced natural gas usage, and understand that it is the most sensible option to not just reduce CO2 emissions but also enhance the lives of people across the globe today.”

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

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