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MOGAS Industries turns 40

Oilfield Technology,

Known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of severe service, metal-seated ball valves for the most extreme industrial applications in power, mining, process and specialty application industries, MOGAS Industries Inc. celebrates its 40th year in business.

Louis Mogas formed Mogas Machine Works in 1973 with 16 employees working under 19 000 ft2 of manufacturing space on a couple of acres. Today, privately owned MOGAS Industries employs over 250 people across six countries. Its Houston-based headquarters now has 86 000 ft2 of manufacturing capacity spanning 15 acres. Recent campus improvements, such as newly constructed 'Class A' corporate offices, a 3-acre wooded park and numerous facility upgrades attest to MOGAS' success - not only as a significant manufacturer - but also to the company staying true to its original business philosophy of putting people before profits.

MOGAS logos: 1973 and today.

"Individual and team emotional commitment is what we have at MOGAS, and that creates the greatest work place of all time." says Louis Mogas, Chairman.

Continuous product improvements

Other core values, such as continuous product improvement and acting with the highest of integrity, have also been an integral part of the business. Building upon its extensive field experience, MOGAS relentlessly pursues research & development breakthroughs in design, materials and coatings to deliver the trusted, high-quality valves. When a company works with MOGAS, every aspect of the experience is designed to provide the products, service, knowledge and responsiveness needed to get the job done – on time, as promised.

Global reach

A significant part of MOGAS sales is international, with sales and service centres in China, Australia, Canada, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. With representatives and technicians in more than 40 countries, MOGAS is known for partnering with its customers to meet the ever-increasing challenges of severe-service applications.

Community dedication

Serving the community is ingrained in the MOGAS culture. The company contributes significant resources to many worthy causes and enthusiastically supports its employees’ robust spirit of volunteerism. Charitable contributions to organisations include: Ronald McDonald House, MS150, Camp for All, The Periwinkle Foundation, America's Heroes First Foundation and Black Elementary School. The Company also supports private initiatives for public good, focusing on quality of life.

Matt Mogas, President and CEO, summarises MOGAS' future: "This company started with a vision of partnering with customers to create a valve solution to their unique process or problem. This continual investment in failure analysis, and the investment in the people who share our success, are vital for MOGAS to celebrate future birthdays."

Pictured left, Matt Mogas, President & CEO, and right, Louis Mogas, Chairman

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