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New testo 320 oxygen analyser

Oilfield Technology,

Testo has announced the release of the testo 320 oxygen analyzer. The 320 oxygen analyzer offers simple and intuitive operation for engine set up or burner tuning.

The testo 320 O2 is a rugged oxygen analyzer with a vivid high resolution colour display. The analyzer can help to increase engine performance by mapping O2 concentration at each of the different load levels. By better understanding the engine output, this can enable the user to make informed decisions when adjusting AFR settings.

The rubberised outer covering and cam-lock probe fittings can withstand rigorous field use. The magnetic back and small compact design makes it a convenient hands-free tool.

Craig McKim, Product Manager for Testo, commented: “Again Testo comes up with a great handheld instrument that’s simple to use and has plenty of features to cover a wide variety of combustion applications. We simply used a proven platform and adapted it for industry. It will do quite well as a tuning instrument in certain engine and burner applications”.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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