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AD Network Video introduces new surveillance monitoring solution

Oilfield Technology,

Security surveillance specialist AD Network Video is introducing its enhanced integrated HD IP video solution for the petrochemical sector in August.

Virtual NVR delivers high definition IP video images for evidential purposes to tackle issues that continually challenges the oil and gas sector, such as health and safety and disruptive incidents and loss of petroleum in relation to accounting for tax through spillage or theft.

Jamie Horastead, Business Development Manager responsible for AD Network Video and the Virtual NVR Solution, comments: “It is true the petroleum industry has come out of the recession strongly. However, while gross margins are about 34%, net margins hover around 7% and so the monitoring of potential sources of loss needs to be identified and addressed.

"An effective surveillance solution is essential in minimising loss. It can generate a quantifiable return on investment for the petrochemicals industry.”

The Virtual NVR solution intelligently distributes video storage across single or multiple locations, with IP cameras recording and storing images on the in-camera server. These will carry on recording even in the event of a network outage as the devices operate as if they were standalone systems resulting in no single point of failure.

The evidential recordings are easily accessible locally or from the control room via a single user interface and are exported in compliance with police and home office guidelines. Recordings can be archived and managed from a central location driving greater efficiency and flexibility in locating and retrieving video from multiple sites.

Horastead states: “AD Network Video Solutions offers great flexible and scalable qualities. Moreover, it is ideally suited to multi-site environments. These qualities fit well with the needs of the oil and gas industry.”

Virtual NVR's secure and segregated network enables petrochemicals businesses to implement the HD IP camera solution and integrate event triggers.

Pauline Norstrom, Chief Operating Officer of AD Group, of which AD Network Video is a part, comments: “Virtual NVR illustrates the continuing commitment to bringing to market uniquely beneficial and effective video security management solutions.

“Our in-house R & D capability continues to underpin our industry reputation for innovation.

“In a vastly undifferentiated IP video market where price and not value can be attractive to buyers, AD wins out over and above the "glorified web cam" by combining effective video transmission, alarm handling, database integration and HD storage mitigation in a way that no competitor can match. As a result, the petrochemicals sector recognises we have something special here that will help them to improve security, increase ROI and lower cost of ownership.”

Adapted from press release by Hannah Priestley-Eaton

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