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Aquila launch impact resistant thermally insulated oil and gas TPR glove

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Oilfield Technology,

The new TOG6W is an exciting development, in the Aquila® Oil and Gas TPR glove range, which offers cushioned silicone protection shielding against blunt force impacts, with an unusually high degree of comfort down to -30°C. This is achieved with a total 25 g liner while maintaining dexterity and an agile grip. It is ideal for use in the Oil and Gas industry, also in cold or refrigerated stores and warehouses and for outdoor work in cold environments.

The TOG6W keeps hands warm while its silicone pads protect the backs of the hand and fingers. Since silicone is softer than PVC, often used on this type of glove, it reduces hand fatigue as it minimises the energy needed for frequent grip/release. Silicone also stays soft at low temperatures and does not age harden in the same way as PVC.

A secure grip on heavy equipment in wet and dry conditions, such as in oil and chemical production, is greatly aided by the sand impregnated nitrile coating which extends over the whole palm and finger gripping surface. Other features include high visibility colour to ensure that it may be seen and avoided by other workers in the area, also an opening cuff with Velcro closure for speed of fitting/removal, e.g. quick removal in an emergency and for security in use.

Further information regarding Aquila products may be found at: or follow them on twitter: Aquila and Alkimos® are registered brands owned and developed by Taste International Ltd.

Adapted from a press release by Louise Mulhall

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