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WDS® UltraShell® released

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Morgan Advanced Materials has revealed its latest super-insulation technology in the form of WDS® UltraShell®. The innovative new product, WDS UltraShell, is a high-performance, rigid microporous machined shell insulation system for piping insulation developed by engineers at the Group’s Porextherm business. Offering extremely low thermal conductivity values across a wide temperature range, it provides outstanding insulation performance, up to five times better than that of conventional insulators.

WDS UltraShell is available in a wide range of diameters, thicknesses and frame designs, preventing the additional cost and inconvenience of adding flexible materials to achieve thicknesses above 25mm, or to insulate large diameter pipes. It offers perfect sealing around a pipe with easy and fast handling, installation and fixing as it is easy to cut and preform on site. Compared with other microporous insulation products on the market, WDS UltraShell boasts superior mechanical strength with lower density as well as remarkably low and flat thermal activity.

Supporting a range of space and weight reduction needs, WDS UltraShell offers excellent thermal stability and dimensional integrity at temperatures up to 1000°C. At the core of WDS UltraShell is a reinforced blend of opacified premium grade inorganic silicates and pyrogenic silica. The homogeneous, compact and robust matrix core allow the product to remain stable even in high operating temperatures, with negligible shrinkage.

Guido Chiappano of Morgan Advanced Materials said: “Demonstrating proven technology that outshines the competition, our latest product exceeds all standards. WDS UltraShell provides businesses with a new standard of insulation, reducing weight, volume and energy consumption, whilst reducing whole life costs.”

The product is environmentally safe, being free from respirable fibre, rutile (TiO2) and other hazardous substances, and complies with both the standard specification for microporous insulation ASTM C1676 and ISO standards.

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