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3D laser scanning first in Thailand

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With applications in the oil & gas and industrial manufacturing industries, SGS is the first inspection company in Thailand to offer 3D laser scanning for tank calibration.

In Thailand, SGS conducted its first underground storage tank calibration survey using a FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D Multi Sensor X 330. The scanner uses a laser beam to measure and collect diagnostic data. The data collated is then processed to deliver a full report. The conventional way to calibrate an underground storage tank is to fill it with water, which takes time and is costly.

3D laser scanning is highly accurate and the equipment includes built in digital cameras, a compass, altimeters and GPS to collect the relevant data in digital format. Once collated, all data is processed, using PolyWorks Software, and the tank’s volume determined.

Suitable for use across industries, SGS’s 3D scanning can also be applied to other projects including:

  • Pipeline calibration
  • Tank truck calibration
  • Ship storage tank calibration
  • Architectural surveys

SGS’s 3D scanning services save clients time and money. Equally effective indoors and out, laser measurements are easier and quicker to collect, they also remove the need to fill tanks, pipes and similar spaces with liquids or gases. Data is collated direct from the scanning equipment ensuring accuracy, and significantly reducing the risk of measurement errors. In addition, the safety of inspectors is improved as there is less need for working at height and fewer inspectors are required on-site.

SGS is a world leader in the physical calibration of all types of vessels such as static storage tanks (above and below ground), trucks, demountable tanks and ships including specialised gas and LNG carriers. As well as using traditional methods of tank calibration, SGS is at the forefront of new developments in calibration technology. Cutting-edge techniques such as Laser Distance Technology enable the calibration of ship and shore tanks without scaffolding, keeping additional cost and disruption to a minimum.

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

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