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AIMS develops new EU patented stator

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Oilfield Technology,

Advanced Interactive Materials Science Limited (AIMS), a UK-based company, has designed a unique near-net-shaped helicoidal motor stator featuring a telemetry hole, using powder metallurgy. Previously it has not been possible to incorporate a hole through a metal stator that can resist the abrasive, corrosive and erosive conditions of modern day drilling techniques.

The telemetry hole that this innovation allows to be placed within a mud motor stator can extend in any direction, either straight and parallel to the axis of the stator or helically, extending beyond its axis without compromising the strength and durability of the stator.

AIMS managing director Mark Hodgkins said: “This is an interesting development for the oil and gas industries, as it will give another option on the quest to understand the conditions at the drill head.

“We have made a significant investment in research and development, which we continue to do, and this patent, we believe, is a major achievement.”

With a sharp increase in directional drilling, the price of pulling drills out of the ground costs many millions of dollars every year. AIMS’ new innovation is designed to give opportunities to significantly cut these costs, increasing life-cycle and operating efficiencies.

With customers already enquiring, the AIMS team are looking at further opportunities with the Sagittite® range and their near-net-shaping capabilities.

Hodgkins added: “Over the last 12 months AIMS have been refining their near-net shape capability, with various different formulations to develop components without the need for second stage machining. 

“At a leading edge of manufacturing technology, this technique enhances the saving of energy, materials and labour costs, whilst allowing complex structures, such as this helicoidal telemetry hole, to be developed.”

Adapted from a press release David Bizley

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