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KBC launch Petro-SIM 5

Oilfield Technology,

KBC Advanced Technologies plc (KBC) is pleased to announce the launch of the Petro-SIM™ 5 process simulator. This marks a leap in value and innovation for the hydrocarbon processing industry with a new modern, user centric interface and a simple KBC brand that showcases a number of industry firsts.

Industry firsts

  • Cumulative scenarios to model a processing facility over its expected life, with decision making ability that tests investments and capacity against changing conditions over time in the same simulation.
  • The inclusion of Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation technology to allow users to customise their Petro-SIM modelling experience with their own design standards or methods and share them collaboratively with an asset or project team.
  • Easier quality assurance of a process design or simulation model with defined workflow conditions and reporting, leading to fewer mistakes in process design work and more knowledge transfer between experienced professionals and starters in the industry.
  • Embedded market leading KBC/Infochem Multiflash technology enhancing the strength of the thermodynamics packages in Petro-SIM, and immediately giving users 'at hand’'capability to study hydrate formation and optimise antifreeze circuits in upstream and midstream applications where over injection of inhibitors costs millions of dollars in bottom line performance.
  • Significant advances in the KBC SIM reactor technology for refining, offering the only refinery wide capability that includes time and composition change based poisoning of catalysts and customisation to company design, calibration and operating standards.
  • Simple, flexible ‘one model, many modes, one price’ licensing to make implementation easier and more affordable.

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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