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Yokogawa releases CENTUM® VP R6.01

Oilfield Technology,

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has announced the development of CENUM® VP R6.01, an enhanced version of the company’s flagship integrated production control system, and its release in February 2015. R6.01 marks the first step in the development of an all new CENTUM VP that will play a central role in Yokogawa’s VigilantPlant® strategy for the IA business.

The adaptive evolution of the new CENTUM VP focuses on addressing customers’ needs to keep up with the fast pace of change in the business landscape and technology while delivering maximum return on assets and the lowest total cost of ownership. This first R6-level release of the system represents much more than conventional functional improvements. R6 brings together smart engineering, advanced operation, system agility, and sustainable plant. With R6, plant operators can be assured of an optimum engineering environment that spans the entire plant lifecycle, from plant design and engineering and installation of systems and devices to the start up of production, maintenance and renovation. In addition, it is designed to meet the most stringent industry requirements for safe and reliable plant operations and environmental protection.

R6.01 features an exciting expansion of Yokogawa’s lineup of I/O devices and introduces crucial new control system components. Combined with an intuitive engineering environment, it dramatically reduces the time required to configure and install a control system.

Outline of new features

N-IO (Network-IO)

The N-IO, a new CENTUM VP field I/O device, fulfils the functions of universal I/O and a signal conditioner, enable configurable software and flexible I/O assignment. It has an I/O module that accommodates multiple I/O signal types, accepts up to 16 I/O points, and allows specification of an individual signal type for each point. Both analogue and digital I/O signals, which account for the majority of I/O signal traffic, can be handled solely through software settings. Pulse and relay I/O signals can be managed using additional adaptors. With the N-IO, it is no longer necessary to replace the I/O module, reducing the amount of rewiring that must be done when changing sensor types and/or layouts during a plant revamp. This significantly reduces the amount of work that has to be performed by plant engineers and maintenance personnel.

FieldMateTM Validator

The new CENTUM VP R6.01 features a FieldMate Validator N-IO loop commissioning software, a software tool that is used to verify the wiring and relevant operations for any newly installed field instrument or field I/O device. FieldMate Validator is provided with FieldMate, Yokogawa’s field device management PC software. When FieldMate established a connection with an N-IO device, the FieldMate Validator tool can check in real time the wiring of all field instruments, based on the control loop I/O information in the control system’s application software, to verify that they operate correctly. There is no more need for the whole CENTUM system to be installed to do this, thus saving significant time and providing added versatility in project execution.

Automation Design Suit (AD Suite)

AD Suite is an integrated platform that ingeniously facilitates project execution, system integration, and site execution, bringing certainty and confidence through all project phases and the start up. Operation, maintenance, expansion/upgrade, and extension stages of the plant lifecycle.

With advanced program templates for heat exchangers, filters, and other types of equipment commonly used in the field, AD Suite improves engineering efficiency and helps to ensure uniform quality. It is able to centrally manage the functional design documents that provide the basis for control system engineering, along with all the control program master data stored in the CENTUM database. This simplifies history management when programs are modified and makes certain that the latest design information is available when system expansion, modification, or maintenance is performed.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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