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Halliburton TDReam tool wins OTC award

Oilfield Technology,

Halliburton’s TDReam™ tool was one of the winners of the Offshore Technology Conference’s ‘Spotlight on New Technology’ Awards.

TDReam tool

The TDReam tool is an innovation over traditional reamers, which are typically housed above rotary steerable and logging-while-drilling tools in the reaming- while-drilling assembly. A typical reamer creates a long rathole that requires an extra trip to enlarge the hole to total depth. By contrast, the TDReam integrated reamer is positioned between the drill bit and the rotary steerable system to enable rathole length to be reduced to less than 3 ft without the extra trip.

The TDReam tool is activated once it reaches total depth to enlarge the rathole left beneath the reamer. This service allows casing and cementing operations to be performed without the need for a dedicated rathole cleanout beforehand. At a spread rate of US$ 900 per minute, the cost of an extra trip could run up to US$ 2 million using a traditional reamer. The TDReam tool saves time and money, and reduces the risks inherent with multiple trips down hole and pipe handling operations at the surface.


Francisco Tarazona, VP Halliburton Drill Bits & Services, commented: “The TDReam tool is a unique technology solution for challenges related to rathole length. It eliminates the need for a dedicated rathole drill and cleanout, reduces Equivalent Circulating Density and lessens the risk of cement contamination.”

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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