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Volant unveils new HydroFORM™ SlimLINE™ series

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The Volant Group of Companies has announced the launch of its new HydroFORM SlimLINE Series of rigid centralisers – a thinner wall durable design at an affordable price.

“Centralisers are a critical component of well construction and completion, particularly with regard to more efficient tubular running and enabling an adequate cement job. A robust rigid centraliser is designed to improve the casing run and survive, thereby optimising standoff,” explains Dan Shute, President of Volant Products. “Not all centralisers are created equal in terms of their drag performance on the wellbore and it is in this capacity that the Volant centralisers shine. Our centralisers have a smooth outer surface which minimises the snag potential associated with sliding over deviations and our placement optimisation program minimises side load which, in combination with friction results in drag. Volant centralisers have a proven durability in extended reach wells, and the smooth profile is maintained. This new series of centralisers offers all this, plus an affordable price tag.”

Volant’s proprietary hydroforming technology produces a high quality, high strength product. A proprietary, engineered process is used to precision form tubular steel, resulting in a smooth unit-body shape perfectly suited to today’s complex well designs. Additionally, the new HydroFORM SlimLINE series of centralisers offer a tighter fit, reduced thickness and optimised rib geometry to balance standoff and flow characteristics – making this centraliser ideal for cementing applications.

The new Volant SlimLINE™ Series of Centralisers currently range from 4.5” up to 5.5” liner and casing diameters, available in a variety of outside diameters. Volant also offers a full range of standard HydroFORM™ Centralisers for liner and casing sizes ranging from 4.5” to 13.375”, formed to various customer specified diameters.

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

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