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Peak release eSetting Tool

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Peak’s non-explosive eSetting Tool is used to deploy Peak’s Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger to any location in the wellbore using simple slickline operations.

The eSetting Tool provides a reliable deployment technique without the need for pyrotechnics, pressurised nitrogen or complex hydraulic pumps.

Simple actuation using the pre-programmed electronic timer system gives full operational flexibility and control across a broad range of different operating environments and well depths. The force required to set the Hi-Ex Hanger is derived from a staged spring mechanism in the eSetting Tool and is capable of securely setting Hi-Ex Gauge Hangers in all sizes of casing. The low-power electronic timer is powered by small Lithium batteries making for easy transportation and rapid deployment of the complete system in the field.

At depth, the eSetting Tool activates and sets the Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger, expanding its arms to the tubing wall and securely anchoring and centralising itself inside the tubing via the bi-directional slips. Once the Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger is set, the eSetting Tool automatically releases from the hanger. The ability to disarm the timer by upward jarring provides a fail-safe system in the event of operational difficulties.

The eSetting Tool is available to customers through Peak’s Service Business exclusively for the Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger.


  • Used for the deployment of 2.200” Hi-Ex Gauge Hangers on slickline
  • Rated to 10 000psi, 150degC

Features & Benefits

  • Simplified logistics: safe and rapid mobilisation to well sites globally
  • Integrated non-hydraulic, non-pyrotechnic power system
  • No radio-silence requirement, reducing NPT
  • Disposable, low cost electronics, for simple field redress
  • Range of pre-programmed countdown times for operational flexibility and control
  • Emergency jar-up feature to dis-arm the timer

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

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