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Dialight launches hazardous area rated LED fixture

Oilfield Technology,

Dialight has launched the world’s first hazardous area rated LED fixture with integrated advanced wireless controls.

Dialight has introduced the world’s first Class I Div 2 certified LED lighting system featuring advanced integrated wireless controls. The new SafeSite® High Bay with Wireless Control system offers a simple and secure touch-screen management interface that provides maximum lighting control and energy efficiency for both indoor and outdoor hazardous applications, such as refineries, drilling platforms, chemical and power generation facilities.

LED technology

The system combines Dialight SafeSite LED technology with a powerful yet simple-to-use touchscreen wall controller that is ETL certified to UL standards. Up to 100 fixtures can be networked onto a single controller and banked by aisle, room or other configurations for zonal control. By implementing the system, facilities can eliminate the need to keep lights burning 24/7 to avoid the lengthy warm-up period and wear-and-tear of repeated on/off operation on conventional fixtures. Facilities also gain independent control of lights, including those that are tied to circuits and switches for other equipment.


Dialight CEO, Roy Burton, commented: “This system is the culmination of Dialight’s industry-leading legacy of integrating LED and control technology to provide the most advanced and most efficient lighting solution of its kind. Our non-hazardous DuroSite version has already been extremely successful for leading auto and food manufacturers. Now we’re expanding our portfolio to offer this next-generation technology for hazloc applications.”

Fixtures and features

The intuitive wall controller provides full control over all networked fixtures and features:

  • Manual and remote on/off and dimming capability
  • Fully automatic scheduling for on/off and dimming, including the ability to set daily profiles for a truly customised lighting program
  • Integrated occupancy sensors to automatically override scheduled off or dim state when someone enters the area
  • Ambient light sensors to harvest daylight, automatically dimming the fixtures when light through windows or skylights provide sufficient illumination
  • Remote access via any Wi-Fi enabled device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) for complete management and monitoring from anywhere
  • Remote access via Ethernet, connecting wall controllers and lights to private cloud.

Wireless networking

Wireless networking is based on the industry standard 802.15.4 at 2.4 GHz and provides a self-healing, expandable system that allows for simple, plug-and-play addition of new fixtures. For maximum security, 128-bit AES encryption ensures secure authentication and device joining to prevent unauthorised access. The system is also available in DALI wired configurations.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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