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Antelope adds to CentraMax® series

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The sub series is designed to run in extremely tight tolerance deepwater well applications and ultra-narrow annular clearances (usually when the annular clearance is smaller than ¾” or less than the material stack).

Aiding in downhole applications

Using CentraMax® CT one-piece centralisers, Antelope directly installs the centralisers onto the threaded sub body. The RT1 Centralizer Sub is always pulled and/ or reciprocated both in and out of the restriction through the use of an internal machined integral sub body anchor, allowing the centraliser to rotate freely inside the hole. The unique design prevents the machined sub body internal anchor from getting underneath the bows and the end collars, allowing the bows to fully compress, while adding safety and performance to the tool. The PI1 Centralizer Sub allows the centraliser to be pushed and reciprocated in both directions when installed between two integral machined sub body anchors. The unique design is equipped with specially designed bows and is able to rotate freely. Antelope’s PT1 Centralizer Sub is always pulled and/ or reciprocated both in and out of the restriction with specially designed 'window' openings in the centraliser’s end collars. The CentraMax® Centralizer subs are manufactured and tested to meet Antelope’s highest standards for quality and performance, that replicate their intended use for downhole applications.

Wide range of choice

“We want to give our customers every product choice possible for their deepwater well applications. Engineering close tolerance centraliser subs was a natural progression for Antelope,” said Bill Kelley, President and CEO.

The sub body installation reduces the centraliser’s material stack, which allows the centraliser to safely and effectively pass through the narrow I.D. restrictions. These centralisers are produced from a single-piece, heat-treated steel which minimises potential weld and component failures, and provides optimum performance for today’s most challenging wellbore configurations.

Bill also mentioned, “With this addition to the CentraMax® product line – including the close tolerance centralisers and centraliser subs – we want to provide any and all solutions to our customers’ most challenging needs in their deepwater wells.”

Adapted from a press release by Louise Mulhall

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