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SPX Flow: robust backflush filter solutions

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From its Plenty brand it offers a range of Backflushing Filters designed specifically for efficient and reliable operation in water applications such as river, lake, well and seawater intake; nozzle protection; heat exchanger protection; cooling, and quenching.

Based on a detailed understanding of filtration technology and water applications used within the oil and gas industry, the Plenty Backflushing Filter is designed to keep processes running without manual intervention. The filter provides a reliable, positive and efficient cleaning action using an automatic cleaning cycle that is triggered when the pressure drop across it rises to 0.35 barg to ensure processes continue to run efficiently.

Plenty Backflushing Filters are available in a full range of sizes to suit most applications with a choice of stainless steel, cast iron, GRP or exotic housing materials. They have a low install cost, are designed to minimise product loss during backflush action, and do not require any separate back wash supply. The filtration element is manufactured from stainless steel or exotic alloys to ensure long service life and is available in a large range of sizes with mesh or wedge wire options to suit application needs. Standard units have nominal bore sizes from three to 12 in. and can accommodate flows up to 590 m3/hr with line pressures of up to 15 barg. Custom designs are also available to suit customer’s specific requirements.

SPX FLOW has a wide range of filtration solutions including additional backflushing/self-cleaning filters that can accommodate higher flowrates and pressures as well as ranges of cartridge, separator, simplex and duplex strainers. It works closely with its customers to ensure they receive the most optimum solution for their application and can engineer customised units to meet specific process conditions if required.

SPX FLOW's Plenty brand is synonymous with highly reliable, robust, long-lasting products. Once installed, a Plenty filtration solution is designed to work reliably for many years and to minimise maintenance costs while offering exceptional performance.

All SPX FLOW solutions are supported by a comprehensive, global sales and aftermarket service network to ensure customers get the best from their processes throughout a plant’s lifetime.

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