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Cegal releases a one dimensional stochastic inversion method

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Oilfield Technology,

Blueback ODiSI produces high-quality images of reservoir property estimates and associated uncertainties.

According to Sara Grant, Geophysicist, BP, “ODiSI has already been used successfully in a variety of siliciclastic fields. The output volumes of net-to-gross and porosity are being used by the field teams for well planning, for enhancing the geological understanding of the reservoir interval, and as direct inputs to the reservoir model.”

The method jointly inverts to both facies and rock properties by generating thousands of pseudo-wells for every seismic trace, with each pseudo-well constrained by rock physics and vertical statistics models, and then matching synthetic seismic traces with a number of color-inverted angle stacks. The algorithm does not require a low-frequency model and no spatial constraints are required.

Blueback ODiSI is now available as an OCEAN plugin for the Petrel® platform and it will also be part of, and complement, Cegal`s Quantitative Interpretation solution, Blueback Rocks QI.

The technology was originally developed solely by BP (Connolly & Hughes, 2013, 2014, 2016), while a Petrel version has been developed jointly by Cegal and BP.

Pat Connolly, of PCA Ltd. says:

“Cegal has done a tremendous job re-engineering BP’s internal code into an accessible, transparent and fully integrated product for the Petrel environment.”

“This project is an excellent example of how the results and efforts in R&D investment from a major oil operator like BP can be turned into a commercial application, ready to be used by the industry,” says Pål Hovdenak, Chief Technology Officer in Cegal.

Adapted from a press release by Louise Mulhall

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