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Emerson flue gas oxygen analyser

Oilfield Technology,

Emerson Process Management has announced that it has enhanced the Rosemount Analytical 6888 in Situ Flue Gas O2 Analyser. New diagnostics have been added which will help maintain optimum oxygen levels in flue gases which will in effect optimise the combustion efficiency of large boilers and industrial furnaces. It is hoped that the enhancements will help lower maintenance and improve measurement accuracy at time when budgets and personnel are high priorities.

The details

The improved 6888 includes a calibration recommended diagnostic with gas switching solenoids within the probe electronics. This makes automatic calibration easier than ever before, and maintains the best possible levels of accuracy. The diagnostic readers also reduce the cost of installing solenoid boxes and reduces the effort to wire and pipe between the probe and electronics due to the fact that they are embedded. Also, the calibration recommended diagnostic removes the need to carry out calibrations on schedule, getting rid of many validations. They new model also includes a plugged filter/diffuser diagnostic for applications that have flu ash or other particulate in the flue gases.


Doug Simmers, combustion analyser worldwide product manager, Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical said, ‘the new 6888 has raised the bar on flue gas analyser operation while maintaining exceptional economy for our customers. In today’s industrial applications, where budgets are tight and personnel time limited, the 688 provides essential analysis of combustion efficiency, while significantly reducing maintenance time and the cost of unnecessary calibrations, all in an affordable analyser with great accuracy. This improved accuracy not only provides better combustion, but can also minimise the production of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and of thermal NOx.’

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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