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GEA Heat Exchangers transformer oil air coolers

Oilfield Technology,

GEA Heat Exchangers have designed transformer oil air coolers (TOAC) compact standard air coolers to cool the oil of transformers. Standardized design of the units enables cost effective package solutions, and one to four modules can be combined to meet requirements. Heat dissipation output is from 100 kW – 600 kW.

GEA Heat Exchangers

The transformer oil coolers are lightweight, and low cost. Materials used in the heat exchangers are effectively heat conducting, which contributes to their efficiency. Round tubes or fins made of aluminium, copper, and their alloys can be selected, and employed in various combinations. The customer also has a choice of fans from the TOAC range: both AC and EC fans are supported. EC fans allow matching fan speed exactly to cooling requirements, which assures constant oil temperature.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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