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EquiFlow® Autonomous Inflow Control Device for SAGD

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Halliburton’s EquiFlow® Autonomous Inflow Control Device (AICD) is a step above all other inflow control tools because it allows for the most efficient recovery of oil in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) producers.

EquiFlow AICD is the market leader for autonomous ICDs and provides the highest reliability for the life of the well. Like all AICDs, it has no control lines, but it is unique in that it works without any moving parts and has no electronics or elastomers.

The EquiFlow AICD has been flow tested with steam, varying oils, and water. It has proven reliability in the hot temperatures of the SAGD environment.EquiFlow AICD produces heavier, more viscous fluids, offering SAGD producers two additional benefits.

  • Flow is encouraged from high oil and cold zones. As these zones flow at higher rates, heat moves in that direction maximising the utilisation of the well.
  • When a steam breakthrough occurs, the EquiFlow AICD has shown 40% less steam flow over a passive nozzle ICD. At the same flow rate, the pressure drop of steam would be more than six times higher than oil flow.

Liquid Flow

Oil-water emulsion flows with hot and cold zones within the well. Without flow control, hotter zones are produced at higher rates while colder zones are slowed. EquiFlow ICDs help maintain a constant flux regardless of fluid property. The fluidic diode EquiFlow AICD promotes production from cold and high oil zones, maximising well conformance.

Steam Breakthrough

Without any flow control, steam flow can dominate the zone. Based on a mass flow rate, passive EquiFlow ICDs can reduce rate from the steam flow. The fluidic diode EquiFlow AICD can reduce flow rate in the steam breakthrough zone by n35-40% when compared with ICDs.

Halliburton’s suite of flow control devices for SAGD wells offers the industry leading solutions to maximise production efficiency and improve operators steam-oil ratio (SOR). EquiFlow OptiSteam flow control device helps optimise steam flow in SAGD injection wells.

Adapted from press release by Joe Green

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