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Flowplant to exhibit pump systems at Offshore Europe

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Flowplant will be exhibiting its multi-purpose high-pressure pump unit for water based hydraulic control fluids, chemical cleaning and subsea applications at SPE Offshore Europe 2015.

Understanding and working around environmental challenges

Environmental restrictions mean oil based hydraulic systems cannot be used in many offshore applications and control fluids have to be both water based and biodegradable. These restrictions may be necessary to protect the natural environment but they present pump and valve designers with some difficult technical challenges.

Flowplant’s pump engineers attend the conference to explain the benefits of the Harben® pump systems that have been specifically designed to overcome the challenges presented by control fluids. Through an understanding of the challenges outlined above, Flowplant has designed its Harben radial piston pump so that all moving parts – with the exception of the inlet and outlet valves – are separated from the pump media by a tubular nitrile rubber diaphragm.

Benefits of Flowplant’s Harben radial piston pump

All Harben pumps can run dry without damaging components. The pump design does not rely on pump media to cool or lubricate the moving parts, contrary to tradition. Moreover, these pumps can be easily pressure compensated for subsea operation.

The Harben P type has a turndown ratio of 9:1. This makes it ideal for providing the varying flow rates required in many HPU and flushing applications. Excessive heat generation caused by pressure control valves is minimised because high-pressure flow can be reduced to very low levels.

Finally, high rotational speeds of up to 1300 rpm and a multi cylinder design produce a high-pressure fluid stream with minimal pulsations, thereby removing the need for pulsation dampeners in most applications.

Flowplant’s latest rig can operate as an umbilical and valve high pressure flushing unit, a hydrostatic test rig, a mobile HPU with the addition of a suitable accumulator or a hot chemical cleaner.

Adapted from press release by David Bizley

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