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SimSci APC 2014 announced

Oilfield Technology,

Invensys has released a new version of its SimSci® advanced process control software. SimSci APC 2014, to be released this spring, will enable customers to shorten their plant testing and commissioning schedules, as well as improve plant operations and personnel performance.

This offering as been built from the group up to emphasise ease of use. It modernises the graphical user interface while retaining the rigorous and robust calculations engine from the company’s successful Connoisseur APC offering. The new software is structured around an enhanced, natural workflow that includes full support for model case file development and a connection wizard for faster integration to any distributed control system and programmable logic controller, including the company’s Foxboro Evo™ process control system and its Foxboro® I/A series® DCS.


Peter Reynolds, senior consultant, ARC Advisory Group, ‘advanced process control can result in tremendous improvements in plant efficiency and performance, but it is largely underutilised, in part because some potential users find it too much of a challenge. Invensys addresses this issue head on, with new graphical interfaces, intuitive workflows and custom calculation engines. Making optimisation easier will empower both seasoned APC users and a next generation of engineers and operators to address a wider range of process conditions and business challenges.’

Tom Kinney, vice president, Invensys optimisation business, ‘we are excited about our new APC software offering, which builds on our market leading Connossieur APC software to help our customers enhance quality, increase throughput and reduce energy usage. A built in auto discovery wizard captures the specific syntax of any DCS for even faster build up of tag connections; its automated testing features means faster, more flexible configuration; its tablet ready; new click and drag functionality allows users to select the best models from many scenarios; and customisable user defined functions improve how users can cope with changing process conditions or states. The end result is that SimSci APC provides a better, friendlier and more flexible user experience than traditional APC applications, making operators and engineers far more effective and productive.’

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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