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CLARCOR’s Static Offshore Filter EPA System

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Within its altair(R) range of filtration solutions, CLARCOR offers a high performing, E12 rated filter that will protect gas turbines from salt and water in all conditions. Specifically developed for offshore conditions, the Static Offshore vCell filter is designed for extended periods of operation while offering maximum protection against corrosion and fouling for reliable turbine operation without the risk of sudden pressure spikes. Its performance has led to its selection by a major turbine OEM for use in offshore installations.

One of the biggest challenges with offshore filtration is handling the amount of salt, moisture and hydrocarbons in the environment. Salt is one of the most damaging threats to gas turbine reliability and, as it is hygroscopic (has an affinity for water and absorbs moisture from surrounding air) in nature, can attack a turbine both in particulate and liquid form. This makes it particularly difficult to handle and means that, alongside capturing fine particles, the filtration system must also efficiently handle moisture.

As well as salt being carried through to the turbine in its liquid phase, moisture left in the inlet air stream will combine with dust to form mud which can block a filter. The filter media selection is therefore a critical choice for reliable operation. The altair Static Offshore Filter EPA System uses glass fibre media, which has a deep filtration layer that handles moisture and hydrocarbons much better than filters that use technology such as ePTFE membranes.

ePTFE membranes use a single, thin layer of high efficiency media which can quickly become blocked by moisture droplets. Glass fibre media, however, is around ten times thicker and its greater pore volume makes it naturally less prone to sudden blockage. This means that high efficiency filtration can be achieved without the risk of downtime caused by sudden pressure spikes and with much longer running periods between maintenance intervals.

CLARCOR Industrial Air has a long history in serving the offshore oil and gas industry with thousands of its gas turbine inlet filtration solutions installed worldwide. The altair Static Offshore EPA System was designed in partnership with a major turbine OEM specifically for offshore use. The OEM selected CLARCOR’s glass fibre media technology above alternatives such as ePTFE because of its reliability and predictable performance. The altair system provides three-stages of filtration to handle the multiple environmental elements found on an oil platform and is proven to handle moisture with low pressure drop and maximum protection against turbine fouling and corrosion. Deeper than other traditional filters, the 24 in. filter also allows higher air velocities in a more compact footprint, making it ideal for offshore use.

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