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GustoMSC launches new self-propelled cantilever & jack-up

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The NG-3500X is the latest design in GustoMSC’s series of self-propelled jack-up designs – the NG series. Based on the NG-2500X and NG-1800X designs, the NG-3500X comes in 2 distinct versions for accommodation & services and well intervention. The NG-3500X can operate in a water depth of up to 80 m (262 ft) and bridges the gap between the successful service units and the full-fledged drilling rigs for the Middle Eastern and (South East) Asian markets.

The NG-3500X is a solution for maintaining and making interventions in the large number of mature fields and infrastructure in the Middle East and South East Asia. The conditions of these fields are characterised by deeper water and larger expected penetrations. Until now this was the domain of classic drilling jack-ups and work barges with associated rates and operational restrictions.

As with all NG series designs, one of the key features of the NG-3500X is that it is a safe, stable and solid platform to work from as the units are designed with survival capability in mind. The unit can remain offshore when adverse weather conditions occur, resulting in more workable days, optimum efficiency and a minimum of non-productive hours during operational charters. With the excellent manoeuvrability (and optional DP system), good transit speed (up to 8 knots) and maximum safety when making use of the VSD jacking system, the NG-3500X enjoys all benefits of the successful GustoMSC NG-series.

In order to carry out the various types of work, the NG-3500X comes in two distinct setups. One type is a multipurpose platform with various crane options for any type of service for the oil and gas industry, from simple maintenance jobs, accommodation and support to light well intervention. The large free main deck (approx. 1200 m2) allows for flexible use, transporting equipment and materials to and from offshore locations, placing an additional accommodation block on it, accommodating a modular well intervention spread, etc.

The other type is a dedicated unit for heavy well intervention and light drilling. The X-Y skidding system provides a large drilling envelope of 15.2 m x 7.3 m (50 ft x 24 ft) and much appreciated additional deck space as it raises the entire cantilever and drill floor structure above the main deck by approximately 3.5 m (12 ft). The 7.3 m (24 ft) transverse reach with full combined cantilever load enables more flexibility for the operator to perform drilling operations.

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

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