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New spooling winches to support offshore mooring operations

Oilfield Technology,

Perth-based Global Maritime Deep Sea Mooring unit has announced a AUS$1 million investment with local manufacturer Green Monster Offshore (GMO) for two state-of-the-art remote operated spooling winches to support offshore pre-lay mooring operations. The result for Global Maritime’s customers will be improved operational efficiencies in a controlled and safe manner with unparalleled tension control.

Technically sophisticated spooling winches

Green Monster Offshore (GMO)’s spooling units are based around the company’s fluid resistance drive (FRD) technology. FRD is a passive tensioning system that generates no pulling force of its own, but instead ­– through resisting the pulling force of the winch being spooled – develops back tension. A wireless radio frequency (RF) control system completes the package, interfacing with the spooling winch’s on-board PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and allowing a single operator to control all winch functions remotely and effortlessly from a safe working distance. The result will be unparalleled tension control and exceptionally high efficiencies and safety.

Barry Silver, Managing Director of Global Maritime Deep Sea Mooring, Perth, commented on the partnership: “We are delighted to be partnering with Green Monster Offshore in delivering what we believe to be the most sophisticated Spooling Winches in Australia. Following an extensive review throughout Australasia and Europe, we were delighted to find the ideal supplier on our doorstep with significant operational benefits to our customers.”

Meeting harsh climatic conditions

Under the agreement with Global Maritime Deep Sea Mooring, Green Monster will design, manufacture, and supply two hydraulic spooling winches, with the larger unit able to accommodate a 200 t 5 m-diameter reel. The spooling winches will be fully self-contained with on-board diesel driven hydraulic power units and specifically designed to meet both Global Maritime Deep Sea Mooring’s exacting requirements and those imposed by the harsh climatic conditions offshore North West Australia.

Based in Henderson, Western Australia, Green Monster Offshore is an equipment rental company providing specialised construction equipment to the offshore industry.

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

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