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November 2015

The November issue features technical articles on corrosion, coatings & linings and sensing technologies. Also included: case studies from iNPIPE (pig tracking and location) and Tata (pipeline steels); the Welding Q&A and a section on managing project risk.

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Asia: cheap energy marks downturn
Ng Weng Hoong explores Asia’s oil outlook: how the decline in oil price provides comfort amid worries over economic slowdown.

Line pipe trends
Glen McAdam and Dimitris Dimopoulos at Berg Steel Pipe Corp., USA, with Christoph Kalwa and Hans-Georg Hillenbrand at Europipe GmbH, Germany.

Integrity down the line
Dr. Jai Dev Chandel and Kamal Kishore, Jindal Saw, India.

A reel challenge
Martin Connelly, Tata Steel, UK.

Keeping track of project risk
Chris Wilber, PLS, Pipeline Services at SGC Engineering, LLC, USA, and Vibha Zaman, P.E., Pipeline Integrity Management Lead, Lloyds Register Energy, USA.

Risky business
Peter Brawley, Head of Operations and Brownfield Projects at ADIL, Scotland.

World Pipelines' welding Q&A
Featuring Applus RTD, ESAB, Lonestar, RMS, and Sawyer.

Countdown to zero
Karine Kutrowski and Murielle Bouchardy, Bureau Veritas, France.

Putting the spotlight on pipeline safety
Mike Poland, Life Cycle Engineering, USA.

DIMP: finding and managing risks
David Turner, T.D. Williamson, USA.

To see in 3D
Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie, Creaform, Canada.

New life for old pipes
Nicasio Messina, Solvay.

A gas detection system is only as good as its parts
Michail Tzouvelekis, Europe North Region – Dräger Marine and Offshore.

The big brother of pipelines
Chris Shannon, CEO, Fotech Solutions, UK.

No one wants a pig in a poke

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