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May 2024

The May 2024 issue of World Pipelines features our annual focus on pipelines in extreme environments (hear from Michels, Vacuworx, and RMI). The keynote section on pipelines and the environment covers methane emissions, new CO2 transport options, and technologies for environmentally friendly delivery of energy. Also in this issue: the trials of a new inline inspection tool (STATS Group), and is DCVG inspection obsolete, asks EMPIT GmbH?

This month's front cover is brought to you by Stats Group.

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Waking up to the methane problem
Mark Naples, Managing Director, Umicore Coating Services, describes spreading awareness about methane emissions and how to manage the threat through data advancements, specifically the use of gas detection technology as a critical turning point.

Capturing new CO2 transport solutions
Mathew Aneke, Senior Energy Transition Consultant, Penspen, UK, introduces anthropogenic CO2 pipeline systems and outlines how to effectively address the challenges they present.

Harnessing new technology for safety and sustainability
Josh Pendleton, Skipper NDT, France, discusses employing new technology in pipeline integrity management to ensure the continued safe and environmentally friendly delivery of energy, whilst mitigating the increasing risks of incidents to nearby environments and communities.

Hydrogen's butterfly effect
Martin Connelly, Technical Director, Liberty Pipes (Hartlepool) Ltd, UK.

Elevating pipeline performance with advanced AI
Stuart Mitchell, President and CTO, PipeSense.

A collaborative effort for CGL
John Hunt, Michels Canada.

Productive pipe handling scenarios
Alyson Cram, Vacuworx, USA.

Protecting lives on pipeline sites
Andrew Vana, Manager of Specialised Services, RMI, USA.

Ensuring secure access to the right data
Morgan Bowling, Seeq Corporation, USA.

The trials of a new inline isolation tool
Kirsty McDermott, National Gas, Andy Fuller, Pipeline Integrity Engineers, Neil Mackay, STATS Group, UK, and Wes Gardner, STATS Group, Canada.

Recognising young achievement
Kah Soon Chia, ROSEN Group, and Blake Villarrubia, Audubon Engineering.

Is DCVG obsolete? New shifts in corrosion detection
Markus Büchler, SGK, Switzerland, and Mark Glinka, EMPIT GmbH, Germany.

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