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March 2020

The March issue includes several reports on the region of Central Asia and India, as well as featuring a variety of technical articles that focus on intelligent pigs, deepwater pipeline engineering. The issue also features our annual Heavy Equipment Review, where companies have detailed the capabilities of their pipeline equipment.

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Editor's comment
Borders can be breakable.

Pipeline news
With updates on Trans Mountain, the Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria gas pipeline, and recent business acquisitions.

Growing at a different pace
Ng Weng Hoong investigates the contrasting fortunes of Central Asia and India, and what this could mean for their respective oil and gas industries as they head into the new decade.

Destination: a gas economy
Manish Vaid, Observer Research Foundation, and Suvendu Mohapatra, Reliance Industries Ltd, India.

A journey across the Arabian Sea
Chas Spradbery, Peritus International, UK.

Better together
Alasdair Cowie, Cortez Subsea Limited, Scotland.

Paul Waanders, Maats, the Netherlands.

Heavy Equipment Review
World Pipelines' third annual heavy equipment focus, featuring 15 companies.

The brains and the brawn
Dane Burden, T.D. Williamson, USA.

Not an inch of pipe unseen
Ries Augustijn, João Gonçalves, and Joost Haaksman, Intero Integrity B.V., the Netherlands.

Protection by inspection
Aaron Crowder, ENTEGRA, USA.

Monitoring on the move
Dominic Giguère, Zetec, Canada.

Taking a new approach
Marlane Rodriguez and Keith Nevils, Corrpro, USA.

The power of retrofits
David Brennan, Severn Unival, part of the Severn Glocon Group, UK.

Stack up the layers
Gautam Chhibber, Steffen Jahrmarcht, and Scott Tackett, Siemens, USA.

An eye for architecture
Mike Corrieri, Rockwell Automation, USA.

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