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March 2017

World Pipelines’ March issue focuses on key pipeline topics, such as leak detection, coatings, inspection and welding safety equipment. Along with an insightful regional report on the midstream oil and gas industry in Africa and the Mediterranean region, this issue also features our annual HDD Q&A.

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Still suffering or on the up?
Dr. Hooman Peimani considers key events of 2016 and provides an outlook on pipeline projects in Africa and the Mediterranean region.

Welding to withstand harsh environments
Antonio Segadelli, Bonatti, Italy.

The power of weld purging
Zach Carr, Aquasol Corporation, USA.

Applying acoustics as a subsea solution
Pietro Barbagelata, CO.L.MAR, Italy.

Fibre: making pipelines healthy
John Williams, OptaSense, UK.

Keeping one step ahead
Harry Smith, Atmos International, UK.

Joining forces for coating development
Craig Sloan and Corentin Lazarus (TechnipFMC, USA), with Marcos Möckel and Pablo Wiesemann (Shawcor, USA).

Protecting against external corrosion
Alexander Tzamtzis, Belzona Inc., USA.

Plastic: the new trend?
Steve Cooper, on behalf of Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc., USA.

A multilayered approach
Stephen Boros, Pipeline Plastics, LLC, USA.

Surfing the TCP wave
Bart Steuten, Airborne Oil & Gas, the Netherlands.

World Pipelines' annual HDD Q&A featuring Vermeer, Direct Horizontal Drilling and Herrenknecht.

A new wave of EMAT inspection
Borja Lopez and Frank Weinmeister, Innerspec Technologies, USA.

A digital foundation
Lars Larsson, Schneider Electric, Canada.

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