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June 2024

The June 2024 issue of World Pipelines includes a keynote section on hydrogen pipeline transport, in which Contributing Editor Gordon Cope offers a broad look at the global hydrogen pipeline market, and Atmos International discusses modelling pure hydrogen pipelines. Also in the issue: technical articles on subsea survey, pigging tool performance, HDD operations for the Trans Mountain Expansion project, and more.

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Is it all green lights for hydrogen?
Contributing Editor, Gordon Cope, considers the rollout of the hydrogen economy and asks, what will it take to embed an entirely new source of energy throughout the global economy?

Hydrogen's pure potential
Garry Hanmer, Senior Simulation Consultant, Atmos International, UK, evaluates how to accurately model pure hydrogen pipelines, using a case study to demonstrate the model tuning process and the selection of appropriate equations of state.

A challenging pullback operation
Giacomo Marinelli and Pier Maria Bruzzo, Bonatti, Italy.

The future of subsea surveying unlocked
Russell Small, Principal Surveyor, DeepOcean.

Corrosion mapping in action
Angélique Raude, Evident.

The end of radiographic film for pipe inspection?
Norman Stapelberg, Silveray.

Debris or corrosion?
Johannes Keuter, 3P Services GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.

Managing metal loss
Seamus Jacobs, Dexon Technology, Thailand.

No need to chase the pigs
Jim Hunter, Technical Specialist, Pig Tracking, Xylem.

Putting pressure on fugitive emissions
Mary Loftus, Senior Research and Development Engineer and Valve Doctor, IMI Critical Engineering.

Reaching the apex with digitisation
Peter Wilson, Executive Industry Consultant, Hexagon Asset Lifecyle Intelligence.

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