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June 2023

In the June 2023 issue of World Pipelines, we cover hydrogen pipeline transport; pipeline sensing, composite coatings and inline inspection. Also featured are articles on metering and monitoring, and subsea pipelines.

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Delivering green hydrogen
The task of creating a green hydrogen economy is complicated by financial, technical and regulatory hurdles, says Gord Cope.

Natural gas vs hydrogen
Vicki Knott, CEO and Co-Founder, CruxOCM, USA, explores the similarities and differences between natural gas and hydrogen, as well as their energy potential in our existing transmission and distribution systems.

Rising to the challenge
Natural gas blended with hydrogen is increasingly being seen as an important solution in the move toward a net-zero economy, says Rodrigo Quintero Bejarano, Expert Industry Manager, Endress+Hauser, Switzerland.

Optimising sustainability
John Anderton, Senior Simulation Consultant, Atmos International, UK, explores overcoming the sustainability challenges of hydrogen fuel transportation with leak detection.

Monitoring pipeline movement
Daniel Bahrenburg and Roland Palmer-Jones, ROSEN, UK.

Detecting and sizing pinhole features
Alejandrino Ruiz, John Healy and Bradford Edwards, Pipecare US LLC, USA.

Low-cost, low-orbit
David Celine, Managing Director, Omniflex, Australia.

High fidelity fibre optic monitoring
Ehsan Jalilian and Mike Hooper, Hifi Engineering, Canada.

Before it breaks
Michael Ray and Greg Cameron, Emerson, USA.

Eradicating external pipe corrosion
Hani Almufti and Yulman Flores, Cogbill Construction, USA.

Resin reinforcements
Yusuke Nishi, Senior Technical Service Engineer, Belzona, Thailand.

Illuminating acoustic resonance technology
Pedro Rincon, Nathan Oliveira, Peter van de Camp, Mark Mateer, and Sean Legg, Shell, and Paul Chittenden, TSC Subsea.

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